Lindsey Smith
Author, Publisher, Literary Agent, Dog Lady

Lindsey Smith, is the person you call in the middle of the night when you have a wild idea, but have no idea if it’s good, if anyone will care, or where to even start.  She’s someone who has x-ray vision to your highest potential and guides it right out of you to see your dream come to full manifestation. 

Lindsey has worked with large corporations to develop courses, hundreds of writers to help them launch their books, developed TEDx talks, and produced large scale conferences with incredible missions. 

Lindsey’s past experiences have culminated in the founding of One Idea Press, The Wild Rose Collective and joining Speilburg Literary Agency as a Literary Agent because she believes there is power in sharing stories and elevating voices.

Personally, Lindsey dabbles in stand-up comedy and has performed a total of thrice times. 

Also, don’t call her in the middle of the night, but feel free to contact her here anytime. Please send your dog pics.

DISCLAIMER: I adhere to the terms and the ethics of the Association of Authors’ Representation, Inc. Purchasing a service and/or attending an event will not increase your chances of getting published or represented. If you are seeking publication or representation, you must submit to the entity in which you wish to be published or represented. Any pitches submitted directly  to The Lindsey Smith website will be ignored. (yes, even the good ones, so please follow the rules!) Let’s be ethical, okay?