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I’m Lindsey Smith. Some of you may recognize me as the Food Mood Girl. For those that don’t, I’m a health coach that has been preaching the food-mood and self-love gospel for over seven years. I’m also a published author, professional speaker, PR maven, and publishing doula. Seriously, I’ve helped birth over 500 books into the world by providing guidance and support to aspiring authors.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for helping others and a knack for creativity. I’ve published several books, and I’ve done it all from self-publishing to small press publishing to scoring a literary agent and landing a book deal for my latest book, Eat Your Feelings. I’ve given talks from the TEDx stage to the official stage at Google.

All of this experience has converged to create a unique opportunity for me to now help others increase their impact and bring their ideas into the world through books, media opportunities, and speaking.

Ready to share your story or idea in a book, on TV, or on the stage? Send me a note and let’s get started!

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