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I often joke that writing a book proposal is harder than writing the actual book itself. However, this e-course can help you write your book proposal quickly, efficiently, and effectively. You’ll learn the exact ins and outs of what literary agents and publishers are looking for so you can ensure your proposal shines!

This book proposal e-course gives you the tools, templates, and resources to write a winning proposal.

this course includes:

  • Module 1: How to Find + Pitch a Literary Agent: You will learn how to find and pitch a literary agent. Plus, you’ll get a list of agent search resources, a query letter template and examples of queries that hooked agents immediately.
  • Module 2: Write a Killer Non-Fiction Book Proposal: This module takes you step-by-step through the proposal sections and key-points that you want to make sure your book proposal highlights. It also includes a detailed book proposal template complete with writing prompts to ensure you hit all the major points and answer all the major questions that agents will be looking for.
  • Insights into small and independent publishers that often get overlooked in the quest to publish.
  • An example of a book proposal that SOLD to a top five publisher.

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“Lindsey has been a phenomenal resource and support throughout the process of writing and organizing my book, as well as making it marketable. She’s gone above and beyond in helping me to create a book proposal, amplify my marketing plan, and attract an agent and publisher. Lindsey just ‘gets it.’ She’s in the field, she knows what works and what doesn’t, and she’s a master at what she does.”

Marissa LaRocca